“There are too many groups, there are too many musicians,” he says later. “And they’re all in it for the wrong reasons. I’m sorry Tony, but they are. I saw this documentary on BBC2 about Pulp or Blur. They’re going, ‘We’re in it because of women or drugs’ What you fucking talking about?”’ They’re saying, ‘We always wanted to be like The Beatles: get women’ Imagine saying that to This Heat [Mark laughs, hysterical] It’s always: ‘Jarvis Cocker would never get a woman unless he was in a group’ So who cares? Good for you boy. Well done. I got more women before I was in The Fall. I had more money before I was in The Fall.”

– Mark E. Smith
(de acá)

Sobre los productores

«A producer is someone who thinks they can make what a band is doing better. From there it’s a question of if he/she is right and if the band is willing to work under that assumption. The job of the producer is to be right and to get the project finished in the best way possible. I’m convinced that this happens rarely, and the best producers are the ones who get close.»
– Alan Sparhawk, de Low, en esta entrevista. Me pareció un tipo muy inteligente y centrado. Otra entrevista, aquí.

Rock Rock Nena Rock

«Even though I’ve found God, I still love blow jobs. And I still say fuck.»
Dave Mustaine de Megadeth

«Four inch nails is more like it!»
Courney Love sobre Trent Reznor

«There’s a definite possibility that the four members of this band were the Roman soldiers that nailed Christ to the cross.»
Glen Benton de Deicide

«Adding rap to rock music is a bit like taking the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen to a plastic surgeon, then asking him to give her a penis.»
Karl Logan de Manowar

“Our ‘The Razor’s Edge’ album features some of my highest notes since ‘Back In Black’.
God’s own ostrich on helium couldn’t do it any better.”
Brian Johnson de AC/DC

Más, aquí.