Rock Rock Nena Rock

«Even though I’ve found God, I still love blow jobs. And I still say fuck.»
Dave Mustaine de Megadeth

«Four inch nails is more like it!»
Courney Love sobre Trent Reznor

«There’s a definite possibility that the four members of this band were the Roman soldiers that nailed Christ to the cross.»
Glen Benton de Deicide

«Adding rap to rock music is a bit like taking the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen to a plastic surgeon, then asking him to give her a penis.»
Karl Logan de Manowar

“Our ‘The Razor’s Edge’ album features some of my highest notes since ‘Back In Black’.
God’s own ostrich on helium couldn’t do it any better.”
Brian Johnson de AC/DC

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7 comentarios en “Rock Rock Nena Rock

  1. Anonymous

    esta de bryan ferry es perfecta:

    «Other bands wanted to wreck hotel rooms; Roxy Music wanted to redecorate them.»

  2. Dario

    Las de Manowar se pagan solas. Alguien tiene que darle un talk show a Joey DiMaio (con una columna de Kerry King puteando gente).

  3. Brunomilan

    «They were hilarious. It was like seeing Spinal Tap. I expected them to go into ‘Sex Farm’ at any second.»
    Henry Rollins on the time Black Flag opened for Venom in 1986.

  4. paseante

    «My mother used to eat papayas all the time, so I don’t eat’em, because I think I’m eating my mother»
    Devendra Banhart

  5. Agustin Acevedo Kanopa

    Algunas de Manowar que me acuerdo, pero que no sé si están en la lista:

    With dreams to be a king, first one should be a man»
    Manowar, Warriors of the World United

    We fight for everything that is real
    Habría que ver qué criterios epistemológicos usa DiMaio.

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