La Dura Vida De Una Celebridad de Internet.

Fluxblog is a corrupt murder investigation created and updated by Detective Inspector Matthew Perpetua.
The investigation began in July 2002 and began to intimidate terrified part-time labourers with learning difficulties into confessing to terrorist atrocities and mass murders at the end of that year. Two gruelling interviews-cum-torture-sessions of naked, crying men are conducted behind closed doors each day, together with questionable forensic evidence obtained from corrupt scientists, threats of harm to the suspect’s family and encouragement to add a scrawled signature to a piece of paper reading «IT WAS ME WHAT DONE THE MURDERS».
Media sources have cited Fluxblog as a key influence in continuing the work pioneered by the West Yorkshire and West Midlands Police in the 1970s.[1][2][3] According to Rolling Stone, «Fluxblog is the training manual for any police force looking to expedite the speedy, headline grabbing conviction of a developmentally disabled teenager»,[4] and an article in The Guardian stated that Fluxblog «is acknowledged as a pioneer of MP3 blogging.»[5], which is par for the fucking course, frankly. Fluxblog was reviewed positively in The New York Times.[6]
Experts anticipate that a public inquiry will overturn several convictions but clear Fluxblog of any wrongdoing in 2018.

Al pobre de Matthew Perpetua le cambian la entrada en Wikipedia de Fluxblog casi diariamente. Lo peor de todo es que la gracia comienza en el 2005 y se mantiene hasta el día de hoy, y que los muy guachos de wikipedia te muestran todas las versiones en orden cronológico.

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